Saturday, 1 March 2008

The Officer

The title character is Tomasz Kruszynski "Kruszon" (Borys Szyc), a young police officer who with his partner Rysiek (Andrzej Chyra) works on catching a gang. Kruszon is a symbol of new generation police officers. He seems to be a cool guy from Warsaw, but in fact he is a smart and inteligent policeman. Infiltration of the gang is not a very difficult task for him. He can easily get inside the criminal group and uncover its crimes. In order to meet Grant (Paweł Malaszynski)- the gang leader, Kruszon becomes acquinted with his sister. Things get complicated when he falls in love with her.

One of my favourite dramas. Certainly, the best Polish one. I recommend it to anyone who loves intriguing plot, high tension and good acting skills.

Fan videoclip with parts from the series.


Determinator is a modern crime drama which presents the unformal relations among people from business, political and social circles who operate on the edge of the law. Piotr Skotnicki (Robert Gonera), the main protagonist, is forced to squere up to those people. Piotr has experienced injustice, however, he still believes in law and order. He is skilled surgeon who lost his post because of a proffesional error that results in his present working as a pathologist. Quite soon he will realise that he has to pay a high price for being stubborn and sticking to his beliefs. Piotr decides to deal with his town's injustice alone. He is confused because he does not know to whom he should trust. Finally, he gain friends and together they stand to a battle of justice.

Currently, the series is broadcasted on TVP 1, Fridays, about 8 PM (Polish time).

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

The Secret Of Code Fortress Episode 7 - download with English subtitles

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Friday, 16 November 2007

Thursday, 18 October 2007

The Secret Of Code Fortress Episode 4 - download with English subtitles


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Thursday, 11 October 2007

The Secret Of Code Fortress Episode 3 - download with English subtitles

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Saturday, 6 October 2007

The Secret Of Code Fortress - download with English subtitles

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Episode 1:

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Monday, 24 September 2007

Face to Face - episode 1 - English subtitles :)

Episode 1:


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Thursday, 13 September 2007

Twarza w Twarz - Face to Face

Face can be altered the same as the identity. However, past remains unchanged. Sometimes you try to get away from it but sooner or later you will have to face what happened in order to rebuild your life.
Victor 'Dragonfly' is a highly skilled thief. He is shot in face during a police action in which a policeman dies. Dragonfly becomes prime suspect. Because of being chased by the police Victor escapes abroad. Thanks to his friend, Baker, he lands in Swiss plastic surgery clinic run by professor Michalski. His doughter Martha, a talented plastic surgeon, undertakes Dragonfly's face surgery. During two years she conducts series of operations to change Victor's face.

Martha is not aware of her patient's past and she falls in love with him reciprocally. Dragonfly wants to start a new, honest life with beloved woman. However, their plans are ruined by Victor's past. He returns to Poland in order to clear himself of a charge of murder. Martha is familiarized with the criminal past of the man she loves. She starts doubting in his innocence...

Channel: TVN
TV premiere: 05.09.2007, 9.30 PM

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

The Converts - Episode 1 with English subtitles - Download

Episode 1



Odwroceni - The Converts

A convert is a person who agrees to cooperate with an enemy in exchange for some benefits. It can be a criminal who cooperates with the police or a policeman who delivers secrets to mobsters. No matter if the convert is the guardian of public order or the bandit it is always a perilous game where life is at stake.

Main characters of The Converts are Paul Sikora, an experienced officer of Central Investigation Bureau and Blacha – John Blachowski, a mobster from the most powerful gang in Poland. The axis of the series is complicated high risk game which is played between these two protagonists. The policeman tries to convert the criminal and the criminal attempts to corrupt the officer. These two men live on the opposite sides of the barricade, however, they have many things in common. Their occupation ruin their families. Both of them have wonderful wives and they love their children but their life is far away to be perfect. Each of them alone has to straggle with the aversion of their environment and personal weaknesses. They’re both in a dilemma. Blacha is torn between the care of his family and the loyalty to the group which he comes from. Sikora is torn between his work and his family for whom he does not have enough time. He is desperate to be a good husband and father and good policeman at the same time. Sikora and Blacha have their own principles which seems never to be broken.

However, life writes its own scenario in which some rules have to be broken. Next to tension and continuous fight for dominance a thread of understanding gradually appears between them .


Saturday, 8 September 2007

Tajemnica Twierdzy Szyfrów - The Secret Of Code Fortress

Plot outline:

It's 1945, last two months of World War II. The American and Russian intelligence services are desperately looking for the secret 'Apparatus'- a device which helps Germans to decipher Soviet telegrams. Functioning of this machine is associated with one of the biggest secrets of World War II - construction of the atom bomb in the underground laboratories of Lower Silesia complex "Riese". The tracks lead to the Tschocha Castle in Lower Silesia, Poland. Polish agent- Johan Jorg arrives there and he is employed as a cryptologist to work with 'Apparatus'. Jorg passes information to the radiotelegraph operator - Natalia. Thanks to her, a special intelligence group, led by Howard Compaigne -American cryptologist and commodore, and by Andrzej Czerny -an officer of Polish intelligence, prepares for a strike. Russians also send their agents near Tschocha. The castle is ruled by Hans Jacob Globcke, the head of security who is supported by Matheas Beer. Globcke discovers that Jorg released a Polish prisoner of war- Andrzej Czerny in 1939. He suspects Jorg to be an allied spy and frantically searches for evidences against Jorg. When Natalia is arrested by Globcke it seems that nothing can save Jorg.

A special commando group with Compaign and Czerny heads towards the castle in order to contact Jorg. Despite their sacrifice and heroism, Globcke exports 'Apparatus' into the heart of Germany. However, their efforts are not wasted. Compaigne, Czerny and Jorg finally get to 'Apparatus' but they don't receive any commendation from the superiors. They are dismissed from the army.

Polish premiere: 07.08.2007
Polish title: Tajemnica Twierdzy Szyfrów
Channel: TVP1, 8.20 PM, Friday

Story is based on the book "Twierdza Szyfrow"(The Code Fortress) by Bogusław Wołoszański who is also a screenwriter of the series.



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Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Coming Soon :)

I'm going to post about the best Polish tv series. As a viewer I think that there are some titles produced in Poland which are worth mentioning. What is more, they deserve much more approval around the world. I would like to familiarize not only Polish speaking audience with these TV series. Soon, I will post some information about the first production. However, I still do not know which one it will be. I need some time to think it over and to gather enough material.

Wish me good luck with this project:)

Kind regards